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Muslim Divorce in Singapore

In Singapore, Muslim marriages are tied to a separate set of proceedings from Civil marriages. In the same vein, Muslim or Islamic divorce are also tied to a separate set of laws. The divorce process may be long and arduous and covers many areas like division of assets in accordance with Islamic law. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore may help.


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Muslim Divorce Proceedings

Parties need to be residents of Singapore for at least 3 years before being able to apply for divorce in Singapore. (Refer to Section 35 of the Administration of Muslim Law Act for more information.) The proceedings in Islamic divorce differ depending on who is seeking it: for the husband, this is done via pronouncing the ‘talak’, allowing him to divorce his wife. In contrast, if the wife is seeking divorce and the husband does not wish to divorce, the wife will have to go through the process of obtaining the divorce via Khuluk, Cerai taklik (breach of taklik) or Fasakh. However, most of the time, this impasse is resolved by way of a hakam (arbitration) process.

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As explained above, the process of obtaining a divorce in Singapore may be stressful and protracted, especially if one is unable to navigate through the rules of court. It is essential to receive the right help to ensure that the process is hassle-free and well-managed. Emerald Law Singapore has a team of experienced lawyers adept at Muslim law proceedings and will be there to assist through every step of the way, at no cost for the first two consultations. Should you wish to inquire more, contact us here. The first two consultations are free.

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