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Sometimes, divorce proceedings can be straightforward and both parties can come to an agreement relatively peacefully. More often than not, however, it may a very complex process with a lot of ins and outs that need to be addressed and agreed upon.

One important part of the divorce process is determining whether there should be ongoing money paid to one of the spouses and, where applicable, the children that will remain with them as the primary carer.

In the family court of Singapore, ‘maintenance’ is the term used for these payments and there are several factors that are investigated to determine the amount of maintenance to be paid.

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We understand the emotional situation you are in. At Emerald Law, our lawyers – who specialise in divorce – will advise you on the divorce procedure in the family courts of Singapore, your legal rights and obligations and the issues surrounding the issue of maintenance payable to your spouse and children.

When you need a comforting, helping hand during what may well be some of the most difficult times of your life, the team at Emerald Law is here to provide just that.

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No, this must be done at the Family Court of Singapore.


No. both parents must pay in accordance with their earning and income capacity. The child’s expenses must also be reasonable.


Yes, but after the divorce is finalised at the Syariah Court, she can no longer expect the interim maintenance order to continue.


If there is a change in your situation where you have lost your employment, or if you discover that you require expensive and long-term medical care, you may take out an application to vary the maintenance order.

You will need to show the Family Court of Singapore that there is a material change in your circumstances and owing to this you are unable to pay the stipulated maintenance amount.

Yes, but you will need to show the Family Court of Singapore that there is a material change in your circumstances and owing to this you require more maintenance than what was initially agreed upon or ordered by the Court.

For example, if after your divorce you discover that your child’s educational needs require him/her to go to a school where the school fees are much higher than before, you may seek to have the maintenance amount varied upwards.

Yes, it is trite law that nafkah must be paid but you may argue to reduce the amount.


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