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If you and your marital spouse have decided to part ways, you may find yourself wondering where to even begin regarding the process. At Emerald Law, we’ve worked with many husbands and wives throughout the process to make things as comfortable for you as possible from beginning to end.

It is our specialty that will give you the peace of mind when you’re talking about your case – our team have extensive experience specifically concerning Muslim marriages. Divorce procedures in Singapore can be very confusing, and the sensitivities involved just makes it even more so – but that’s where we come in. We’ll make sure you’re 100% clear about what’s happening the whole time, and will go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for you.

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We know how emotional these times are, and will consult with you with a sympathetic ear whilst simultaneously using our well-honed skills in Muslim marriages to provide the professional legal assistance you need.

In addition to our first-class services regarding divorce procedures, Singapore residents can also talk to us about several other areas of the law including child custody cases as well as personal protection orders and so much more. We are here to provide you with a comprehensive legal solution to matters specifically pertaining to Syariah law, and you can rest assured with our many years of experience you’re in good hands at Emerald Law.

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Divorce is a difficult decision. We understand the emotional situation you are in. At Emerald Law our lawyers who specialise in Divorce will advise you on the divorce procedure in the Courts of Singapore, your legal rights and obligations the issues surrounding the division of your matrimonial assets.

We understand the concern surrounding losing your home and all the assets that you had contributed towards building your family, the uncertainty of how you will rebuild your life again

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We will try our best to accommodate your financial needs. We offer fixed fee arrangements and even instalment payments for our services. 

However if you are truly unable to afford the services of lawyers, we will recommend that you approach the legal aid bureau or law society pro bono services to see if you qualify.

In such a situation, the way out is by way of a Variation Application.

You must take out an application for the registrar or judge to sign on your husband’s behalf.

Generally, where there is a profit, the court will not allow one party to monopolise the flat. However, if one party has paid a large majority of the mortgage or when the flat is sold at a loss and if the children’s welfare may can be affected, there may be an order for a transfer the Court may make an order for a transfer. Also, if one spouse has been extremely irresponsible towards the family, this may be a factor for the court when ordering a transfer.

The other owners must take out an intervener application for the matter to proceed.

If you foresee such a problem, you should ask the court to make an order for sole conduct of the sale to be granted to you. However, if you do not obtain it and the situation surfaces during the selling process, then you may take out a variation application.

Yes, but it depends on the situation.

Yes, you may but divorce is not a process wherein you are reimbursed for whatever you have spent in the marriage. The court will look at the intention of parties.

It may be divided, or valuated where one party receives a net share value.

The properties may be ‘pooled’ together and subjected to division or if they can’t be sold, the court may order for some properties to be transferred to the other spouse’s name.

Yes, you may but divorce is not a process where every cent is reimbursed to you.

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